Friday, September 18, 2015

Obama Hides Iranian Murders

When it comes to Obama’s lack of transparency, there is a consistent thread
Maybe not as bad as Hillary who has a habit of doing the email electronic shred
Any fact that will counter and bring reality to his delusions of the world does not see the light of day
Be it concealing the crime wave by illegal aliens who rape, rob, maim and innocents slay
 Or any fact that counters his view that ISIS is degraded and on a terminal run
Has as much chance of surfacing as a native in the winter at Point Barrow will see the sun
Now we learn as Reds are scrambling to halt the Iranian nuclear “deal”
That will make the threat to the world of Iran with nukes too soon very, very real
Obama refuses to release data on how many Americans have been killed by this terror state
Iran with a lust to kill Americans and Jews it cannot sate
Is it that he surrounds himself for intel and advice not even with the jayvee team?
But the T-ballers who can parrot what he would like it to be and not what it really seems
Ego, narcissism or the fact that in foreign policy he is completely at sea, out of his league
Exhausted by issues not foreseen, beyond his skill and now with complete fatigue
The news is that his foundation is scouring the globe for architects to woo
 To design his legacy library to make Clinton’s and Bush’s to look like a non digital lean-to
It may take another Frank Lloyd Wright caliber to created the image of transparency working with lead
When the reality of this presidency has been deception, concealment, and dishonesty instead.
© September 18, 2015, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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