Saturday, September 5, 2015

Pagliano Double Dipping Hillary and State

When it comes to separation of state and religion there is an abundance of lawyers always on alert
Ready in a flash to pounce on anyone who tries the separation to try to skirt
When it comes to the separation of state and private payments to a person the same
Working in private while collecting a government paycheck most would declaim
But in Clintonland between the Clintons, the Foundation and the state there are no clear demarcation lines
A pattern of deception and self dealing the Clinton history has defined
An art over the decades again and again by them refined
Need to sell boycotted items to Iran while needing an exemption from Hillary to opine
Donate to the Foundation to support its “good, charitable works”
Pay Bill millions for speeches while piously dismissing the thought that a quid pro quo lurks
Funnel staffers between a Senate office, State or the Foundation like a coach changing hockey lines
More and more people kept financial fresh and dependent as part of her design
While working at State Pagliano was being paid by Hillary to set up and service her private server
Insuring lap dog loyalty to even the most rabid pro Hillary observer
Since by all accounts Hillary when it comes to technology is completely inept
When it came time to delete the “personal” emails he would follow her commands and have them swept
Ignoring if he knew of the subpoena to all emails preserve
Deleting without hesitation or reserve
No wonder he took the Fifth
The idea he did not want to be involved a mere support Hillary myth\
Hillary of course solemnly proclaims she wants him and all staff to testify
Based on her history believe in that and all history and reason you would have to defy
But here there is a glimmer of hope that many of the “personal” emails the FBI might reclaim
Pagliano may not have had the skills and if so, these reclaimed emails will flush her campaign down the drain
If these “personal” were official or were security marked she should be lawyering up and getting on her arrogant above the law knees
Begging Obama for a pardon to be allowed to remain free.
© September 5, 2015, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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