Monday, September 14, 2015

Rose Woods Only 18 Minutes--Hillary The Pro 5 Months

 We all know that federal officials are notorious for skipping work while at work
To surf the web, do union duties or personal chores and otherwise needed tasks shirk
Be it the bureaucrats in the VA
With vets by the hundreds from neglect dying each day
Or the EPA where watching porn on the job is norm
For too many feds accountability for their performance has been shorn
But one would think that one of the highest officials of the land
Our Secretary of State for such dereliction for herself would have banned
News in the email scandal that Hillary cannot seem to be able to divert or escape
Continues to cast doubt on her credibility and honesty that will not abate
Photos of her during her tenure often show a Blackberry in her hand
Always working diligently to foil the terrors and problems that face this great land?
Today we learn that during her tenure as Secretary of State there are in her emails huge gaps
Yet she affirms under penalty of perjury she has turned over all emails, time to move on, old news into the can it is a wrap
Five months in the aggregate of not a single work related electronic blink
How gullible are we does this presidential pretender really think?
Carrier pigeons, diplomatic postal bags and locked and chained briefcases to a courier attached
In today’s electronic 27/7 world do not with the image of real communications match
Anyone who believes that during her tenure there were of five months in the aggregate of gaps
Far worse than the missing 18 minutes of the Nixon tapes is a complete fool and utter sap
We have learned from the boutique firm in Denver that her email server may not have been wiped
The time for the FBI to recover those deleted “personal” emails is now more than ripe!
© September 14, 2015, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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