Monday, September 28, 2015

The New Triple Entente-Russia, Iran Syria?

To remove Assad or not that is the question due to his record of his own citizens to kill
If he is will ISIS takeover all and cause the overflowing to the butcher’s till?
We supported the removal of Khadifi who after Reagan’s response to us posed no threat
His death followed by four Americans in Benghazi we should regret
Mubark in Egypt was next followed by Morsi who to our values was a real threat
Thank God all the billions to the Egyptian military made them do the right thing as behind the scenes they believed we would call in our debt
Assad is about as evil as evil can be but is he to our security a threat?
Or is he with Russian and Iranian help the new ally against ISIS that we will in the future regret
When it comes to ISIS this administration is a boat without rudder or sails, without compass completely lost at sea
Feckless, without spine, without strategy, watch as Putin encroaches and from us our allies flee.
Having seen the pathetic negotiation skills in the Iranian deal
The Russian laughter they must have been working hard to conceal
Do not be surprised in the fight against ISIS Russia will be putting on the ground Russian boots
While our and the EU sanctions against Russia over Ukraine and Crimean he will in exchange render moot.
 © September 28, 2015, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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