Friday, September 18, 2015

Carly Dares Hillary and Obama to Watch as Shutdown Looms

Reds propose to end the $500 million funding to Planned Parenthood
Transfer the funds to other women’s health centers, a fact the Blues on purpose ignored or misunderstood
If Planned Parenthood were the only health game in town
Providing health services to women, no sane person would call for its funding to be shut down
But they are not and the landscape has many centers where women can find care
This is why it is critical for Hillary, Obama and all Blues in D.C. to take up Carly’s dare
Watch the videos and if they can hold down the need to the contents of their stomachs purge
Their ethics from the politics of a woman’s right to choose and the phony war on women might diverge
They like an overwhelming majority of men and women should be filled with disgust and revulsion
Unborn babies good only for their organs and body parts await medical induced expulsion
Like mankind that should not be crucified on a cross of gold
Humanity and ethics should not be crucified on a cross of profit so stem cells may be sold
Hillary desperate to escape the ongoing scandal of her emails
That continues to dog her relentlessly on the campaign trail
Is dancing in the street over the chance to play her well worn war on woman card
Even though it may have worked before, against Carly the voters see it for what it is, a blatant canard
Asked a real simple question, “Have you seen the videos?” yields from Hillary an evasive diatribe
No wonder the voters believe she lies and even women are fleeing from her side
© September 18, 2015, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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