Sunday, December 7, 2014

The Cause Of Obama's Acid Reflux? The Cure?

Acid reflux is not a pleasant feeling and causes a bit of pain
Acid up the esophagus no longer by the stomach contained
The president complaining of a persistent sore throat was off to Walter Reed.
Acid reflux was the diagnosis and no other issues were in treatment need
Acid reflux can be caused by obesity, alcohol in excess
Fatty foods, smoking, eating late at night and maybe too much stress
Obama is not obese, probably rarely drinks, only smokes if Michelle is unaware
Probably avoids fatty foods like the plague to avoid Michelle’s anger stare
He has a job with too much stress but in his last two years
No need to face voters so he has little from them to fear
But there is perhaps another cause which may have been overlooked
Not mentioned in any of the medical teaching books
That could explain the real reason for the trip to Walter Reed
He has lost control of the Senate and his protector Harry Reid
The States are in legal revolt and the Supremes may be singing an Obamacare swan song
Symbolic that the treatment for excess acid where it does not belong
Often involves dosage of a purple Nexium pill
Which when taken reduces the reflux to almost nil
Purple is the color when Red and Blue are mixed to together
Symbolic of the compromises we need to survive the chilly partisan weather
Time to take the compromise purple pill by Reds, Blues and especially the Head Blue
If we have any chance to escape the dysfunction that is a bubbling witches’ brew.
© December 7, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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