Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 Year In Review

Another year finally comes to a close
Father Time is moving as fast as he can to hand over the 2015 show
The newborn year with all the chaos is having second thoughts
So much chaos on the planet wondering what the future will plot
A Winter Olympics to showcase Putin’s Sochi resort
A veneer of peace and harmony which soon in the Crimea and Ukraine would be cut short
Russian troops on the move with an energy stranglehold on the EEC
The old Bear flexing claws against those in the East desiring to be free
Even a civilian airliner was shot out of the sky
While on the ground civilians in large numbers continued to die
From our President more speeches, more golf,  some sanctions like minute slaps on the wrist
In a more dangerous world our President still seems to lack the will to the forces of evil resist
Cutting and running in Iraq so ISIS could large junks of Iraq and Syria seize
While beheading the “unfaithful” by this group so ineptly labeled the JVs
More golf, more speeches and some gnat like air strikes
But little heavy weapons for the Kurds that are fighting for their lives
Iran continues on its march to obtain some nukes
Despite universal condemnation and universal rebuke
The war on fossil fuel continues without let up or fade
Although fewer Blues in the fall received a reelection grade
Scandal upon scandal from the VA to the IRS
Finally our President is losing the millennials and the mainstream press
Police shootings of unarmed black males, riots in the streets, shops burned to the ground
What will it take to turn this economic ship of state finally around?
The answers may not be apparent but this nation still possesses a resilient thread
Even as the Chinese economy is surging ahead
If we can somehow put the Feds on a starvation diet of new regs
Our New Yyear babe might prove to have some very strong legs
If our imperial president in his final two years of his term
Of the compromise style of LBJ or Reagan he would try to learn
We might actually find adults in the room as opposed to ideologues
We just might not get mired down in the gridlock bog
Hope springs eternal in the American soul and mind
Let’s hope so as we finally leave 2014 behind.
At least the Cardinal won its bowl game and oil prices are taking a nose dive
In 2015 we might actually prosper as opposed to just trying to survive.
© December 31, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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