Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Feinstein and Frank Church Bluebirds of a Feather Intel on Terror at Risk

Feinstein went full ahead and on a practice that years ago ended had her say
And thanks to her pique she has put the 6,000 Marines at U.S. Embassies in harm’s way
Why now after 30 million spent was she so hell bent to release a one side report
Not one CIA leader or operative interviewed to have a chance to retort
Almost like bring an empty chair and in abstentia try
She is normally one of the few adults in the Senate; makes one wonder why?
A practice that has ended, a practice investigated but not charged by Holder’s DOJ
The question keeps coming up after all these years why today?
From Gates book we learn that she is very quick to her powers as a chairman affirm
If you believe the news the fact that the CIA was hacking her staff can be discerned
But a Senator esteemed by both sides of the aisle one would hope
On her own personal emotions against the CIA she could cope
Was it a means to from Gruber’s trite testimony attention deflect?
Or was it another means consistent with Obama’s apologies of America as not exceptional to inject?
Or was it simply a matter of politics in that control despite Wasserman’s assurances the Blues lost?
One can never read the mind of a woman even if a Senator, but did she know to our intel the cost?
Why would any member of the CIA in the future expose himself to a future prosecution downstream?
Being told the legal or political advice and approval was years later just a bad dream?
Ally in the future will cooperate with this nation in helping us to destroy terror,
When their involvement is revealed to their enemies by design not by error?
Did she ever contemplate the hypocrisy that with drones it is okay to kill and collateral damage inflict
Innocent bystanders’ lives blown out remotely in an air-conditioned office like unseen winds snuffing out a wick?
Finally in her rush seek to stain the old discarded  laundry of the CIA
Where was the discussion of did it work, did it terror attacks delay?
In short American Intel and this country deserved better than this
If one American Marine dies at an Embassy, only consequence is that she’ll feel sad but not remiss.
History never repeats itself but it always generates rhymes
Effects will again be like the misguided Church Report one more time.

© December 10, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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