Sunday, December 21, 2014

2016 Around The Corner Reds Need An Agenda

The champagne corks have just barely been popped and already the Blues are into a campaign
To control of the Senate in 2016 go all out to regain
We cannot allow Harry Reid with his dictatorial rules
To once again be the Senate leader with all his gridlock tools
Reds need to day one unite with an agenda that will create jobs
No matter how many vetoes the President will seek to lob
Tax reform and holidays to allow companies to bring their profits back
Regulations removed that put small businesses on the proverbial medieval rack
A secure border and then reach across the aisle to figure out how these millions we can assimilate
Expand the number of engineers, doctors, entrepreneurs that now face intolerable waits
Keystone and fracking are two pillars to energy independence gain
Building LNG terminals to ship it to Europe will end Putin’s reign
Obamacare may be beyond salvation if the Supremes against the subsidies rule
And if the electorate is seething over premiums and Gruber’s treating us as fools
But certain things like keeping children on parents’ plans until 25
Make sense when burdened with student debt and no jobs they are struggling to survive
In the process of an agenda no more Reid-like banning amendments on the Senate floor
No more knee jerk banning a vote to create Blue uproar
No more demonizing, belittling one’s opponent to his or her passions inflame
The Senate should be restored to what it should aspire
A house of debate and collegiality as opposed to throwing your opponent on a pyre
All Senators Red and Blue need to place office above a life time career
Good of the nation not party or we will have a rough two more gridlocked year.
© December 22, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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