Saturday, December 13, 2014

Sony Hacking Reveals Racism Hypocrisy

The hacking of Sony is like not the pebble thrown into the pond but rather the huge boulder and the ripples go far beyond the economics of revealing salaries to lap on the shore of the hypocrisy of Hollywood elite bias over demeaning "racism" among the conservatives and the poor mere mortals who like lemmings shell out near 10 dollars to see a slanted movie while eating 5 dollar a minuscule bag of popcorn that cost at most 10 cents to make. The hypocrisy is enough to make a poet write this:

Sony is backpedaling as fast as Hollywood burdened by hypocrisy weight can do
As the hacking reveals emails of where Sony executives run true
From demeaning Jolie as a spoiled brat to the President’s choice of movies to view
But on the surface treating Al Sharpton as a quasi president to debut
Emails are forever just like the bias in Hollywood’s liberal elite
Hacking is criminal but we mere mortals applaud a chance to hypocrisy defeat
When it comes to record and performance Obama could be of any color including his other half which we always forget
Which coupled with the fawning of the 4th Estate is why in this mess this nation now sits
Sony executives should have demeaned him not because he is black by one half
But because he is inept, no experience, a community organizer who we should have rejected like a bad case of staph
Finally the conservatives get to take a breather from the media unrelenting scorn
Let the hypocrites of Sony try to borrow the armor the conservatives have worn
Obama is and has been a disaster not because his is portrayed as black
But rather because even the most basic skills of being a president he lacks
© December 13, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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