Monday, December 15, 2014

Principal of Peabody School Is the New Grinch

It’s good to see in a world of gender equality that the Grinch can take the feminine form
Jennifer Ford as a principal of the Peabody School in Cambridge has Santa from its concert shorn
A classic example of what intolerance from the left to the table will now bring
Cutting out Christmas carols like Silent Night or Hark the Herald Angels Sing
At least has a tenuous link to the mantra of separation of church and state
But to ban Santa by this Grinch is without justification, an act of a misguided flake
No reason given unless if you enter kindergarten all beliefs like Santa or the Easter Bunny one must check at the schoolhouse door
The joys and innocence of a child seeing Santa or the cookie crumbs and empty milk glass this Grinch wants to ignore
Jennifer Ford needs to have a ton of lumps of coal dumped in her front yard
A fitting gift for her acts to have Santa barred
This principal when it comes to common sense is a complete retard
No reason no explanation a fait accompli  of a misguided act to a tradition discard
Bet a dime against a dollar or any other odds
The children or parents were consulted not on the decision flawed
Bah Humbug Ms. Ford we all hope your Christmas is visited by the ghost of Christmas future days
While you are alone, unwanted, despised with your mean Grinch behavior ridiculed while on display
© December 15, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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