Thursday, December 11, 2014

Act Of Kindness By Wal-Mart Cashier

Too often the news is only of war, murder, violence, scandal or dysfunction to name just a few plagues
That with increasing frequency and misery seek to knock humanity off its fragile legs
If not humanity becoming inhumane, it’s Mother Nature with disaster adding up its score
So when news of a note of kindness comes out of a New York Wal-Mart store
It should make all our spirits tingle in joy and quickly soar
When a human being sees a problem and chooses not to ignore
An elderly man took his items and placed them on the checkout belt
And into his pockets for his money he deeply and slowly then felt
New cashier Jenny Karpen looked at the money handed and realized it was a bit short
The shopper must have realized and started to as to some goods the purchase abort
Being older and hungry in a land becoming more and more obese
Is like falling through the an ever widening inhumanity crease
In seconds without time to ponder or on the right thing to do brood
Jenny Karpen reached into her own pockets and handed the man $40 to pay for his food
Wal-Mart does not pay much more than minimum wage for new cashiers
I am sure that Ms. Karpen is not immune or secure from our common economic fears
Amazing thing about giving is that other bystanders it quickly infects
So to here as the next person in line tried to Ms. Karpen’s $40 loss check
That was money she could not take so she temporarily is 40 bucks out
But when you give what comes back to you in good fortune magnified is without doubt
Good for you Ms. Karpen you deserve a lot of viral praise
And to Jamie Cobb, her manager, “Acts like this merit her a raise.”
© December 11, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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