Sunday, December 21, 2014

Hunting Pose Allowed in High School Yearbook

No wonder the NRA has so many members in this great land
Always to take a very strong second amendment stand
In many rural counties hunting is a cherished pastime
Hunting has nothing to do with the purveyors of deadly gun crimes
Rebekah Rorick goes to Broadalbin-Perth high school, a hunting fan and a good shot I would suppose
Who wanted a photo of her yearbook in camo with her dog, hunting rifle in a classic hunting pose
But the PC mavens said no
Her hunting photo into the yearbook could not go
Finally some common sense did prevail
Into the yearbook a proud hunter's photo tale
The deer are most likely overjoyed with all the publicity this story of photos did entail
Rebeckah is now a face if recognized the deer will quickly bail

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