Thursday, December 4, 2014

DHS On Hiring Spree To Implement Obama Executive Order

The first responsibility of Congress is to act within a Constitutional framework
If this imperial president his duty to uphold and defend the Constitution decides to shirk
Then he must be reined in with the power of the purse
His executive action to grant work permits must be reverse
Staying five million potential deportations that will not occur is a “king” run amok Constitutionally adverse
Like a drunken sailor on a spree the DHS is on full hiring mode
Anything to execute the executive order before the Reds can reload
Obama in his quest to the law of the land ignore
Has no idea of the chaos this nation will have in store
Any nomination save of the military by this president will never see the light of day
The states are racing to the courthouse to get Obama the rule of law to obey
They are on the hook for new billions in education and medical care
A burden the Feds will not have any intention to share
The Supreme Court on Obamacare subsidies soon will rule
Reds will have the last laugh due to that Gruber fool
Senator Schumer was right on point when he pointed out
The Blues blew it on Obamacare without any doubt
So in the next two years for what it’s worth
We will face gridlock and a devastating policy of scorched earth
Hope and change; transparency to the max; deception is my middle name
The worst president of all time always looking for someone else for his failings to blame
© December 4, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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