Monday, December 8, 2014

Racism or Lack of Indepentent Prosecutor in Garner Death

The death of Eric Garner was a tragedy; the officers’ actions can never be condoned
Thank God for the phone videos and that on the internet have been shone
Lost in the cries of racism black officers in the videos are seen
Doing nothing to alter the lethality of this tragic scene
Lost in the cries of racism is another disturbing fact
Why are NYC cops on a witch hunt to collect a cigarette tax?
Sharpton true to form is calling for a protest march on D.C.
Always at the forefront to be on the race baiting marquee
The major is not much better with his centuries of racism to proclaim
Another politician jumping on the bandwagon to tensions inflame
Rather than stoke the fires of perceived racism
How about examining a more troubling truism
D.A.s need convictions for their careers to advance
Without the cooperation of the police they have no chance
To expect a D.A. so dependent on the police to prosecute rogue cops
Is a flight into fantasy land that any rational person would soon stop
Anytime a cop is involved in a citizen’s death or using excessive force
An independent prosecutor not a D.A. should the rights of the victim enforce
Does not matter the race of the victim or of the cop
Indictments are always very rare in the grand jury justice shop
Prosecutions by D.A.s are few and far between
And convictions are almost impossible to glean
© December 8, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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