Monday, December 1, 2014

Sharpton Still Fanning The Flames

Throughout the nation over the Brown shooting responsible voices are calling for calm
Voices of reason trying to the passion of rioters in the streets becalm
The President has weighed in and a meeting at the White house he will convene
With the cold weather in Ferguson the torched buildings are no longer part of the TV scene
In a moment of peaceful protest before a Raider game 5 Rams raised their hands up in surrender
Save one person who has the pulpit and seems to want to more passions and protest engender
A Grand Jury has spoken and Michael Brown for justice may not be the poster child
Trying to disarm Wilson and then charging him, anger totally running wild
It matters not the verdict of this Grand Jury for to the man on the pulpit there only job was to indict
Regardless of what occurred leading to the violence that rocked Ferguson that night
Reverend Al, that noted tax deadbeat and cheat, is on a roll
Justice for Michael Brown belies his real goal
He cares not for the community that now looks like a suburb of Berlin in World War II
Businesses destroyed with little chance to rebuild, no easy targets to sue
Sharpton reminds one of the officer in Vietnam burning a village to the ground
In order to save it from the VC that around it large numbers would abound
Sharpton is part of the problem his sermons can only inflame
If he wants justice then less violence and more voting is how the forces of bias will be tamed
Less attacking a process, the transcript of which I doubt he has read
Sharpton in his rhetoric is clueless on how to achieve progress to allow race relations to move ahead
Stop lecturing us Al on the need to pay our fair share
While your tax payments have not been made as we now are aware
© December 1, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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