Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Pelosi No Longer Coy Budget Deal She Wants To Destroy

We had one king that thank God caused us to revolt
Now we have two and in the Blue House their subjects are afraid for the good of the country to bolt
As much as Harry Reid’s dictatorial methods we have grown to detest
 No wonder Reid was the lightening rod to enable the Red to come out best
At least he seems on board with the 1.2 trillion dollar budget deal
And to keep the government from shutting down he will add his shoulder to the wheel
The other who has been very coy is our equivalent of the Iron Lady who will not allow dissent
Hell hath no fury than a Pelosi who goes ballistic if her Blues don’t go where she wants them sent
A 1.2 trillion imperfect compromise
She is off to the races to demonize
Dodd Franks has been a crippler of lending and needs to be altered or scrapped
And political contribution limits when 2016 is not even on the map
Even if it were how does funding a convention or recounts the voters sway?
Most of them are doing something else and looking the other way
Both Reds and Blues gave at the political compromise store
It’s time for the Blues under Pelosi’s yoke to vote yes on the House floor
Same goes true for Reds who on Obamacare and the Executive Order still seethe
Supremes after Gruber will on that catastrophe the American public relieve
Immigration must be addressed and with a Red Senate we can take the first step--a border to secure
Then it becomes so much easier to find some compromise to work out the cure
Time for all to think they represent no matter the majority, both Blues and Reds
And reach across the aisle to help this nation get ahead
And the man who would be king, he is fading, feathers and all, into the impotent scrap heap
As his ratings and support will gush as opposed to only an increasing seep
© December 10, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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