Monday, December 15, 2014

Deadly Terror In Sydney

The terrorist threat is worldwide as the hostage taking and killing in Sydney reminds us
Of a boil upon humanity that must be lanced with vigilance to rid the world of its deadly pus
A lone wolf refugee of 20 years from Iran already on the Aussie’s terrorist list
Despite all warnings his lone wolf terror plans were by the Aussies missed
A sick mind that wrote to the families who had lost their sons in Afghanistan and Iraq
That their sons deserved to die in Taliban or jihadist terror attacks
After hours of standoff the swat team stormed the coffee shop
But several hostages badly wounded and two were fatally dropped
The gunman, a self proclaimed sheik,
Was put on a one way ride to Paradise virgins now seek
We are at war with an ideology that knows no quarter and with which you cannot reason
To them any nonjihadist it is always open hunting season
It may still be the case that one has a greater chance of winning a super lotto than being a victim of a jihadist attack
But no comfort for the two hostages who are after today not coming back
Aussies have very strict gun control laws but with a shotgun this fanatic was armed
Even though on a watch list that should have raised all sorts of alarms
With the internet you do not have to go to Syria or Iraq to be bitten by the jihadist bug
Even a refugee from Iran of 20 years in the land down under can feel the ISIS magnetic tug.
© December 15, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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