Monday, December 8, 2014

Release of CIA Torture Report--Church Report Deja Vu

When it comes to deflecting scandal and managing the fawners of the 4th Estate
The Obama Administration is without doubt absolutely first rate
Even if the scandal like Fast and Furious is managed by creating a new scandal at the IRS
This administration with Holder at the forefront has done the slow walk suppress
Tomorrow Gruber of the American people are too stupid fame
Who has riled us up and our rejection of Obamacare further inflamed
Will be testifying up at the Hill
He will be facing a very tough grill
The Blues were shellacked in the elections losing the Senate and lousing more in the House
A large part due to Gruber revealed deceptions that this administration espoused
When Chuck Schumer indicates the Blues made in pushing Obamacare a major mistake
Even the fawners of 4th Estate believe they are seeing the beginning of a two year wake
The Administration reacts by on tomorrow releasing a Blue Senate Executive Report
On CIA torture of terrorists during the Bush years which on taking office Obama did abort
Never mind that Pelosi and Feinstein years ago on interrogation methods were informed
Without a complaint as it was felt to get intel this is what the CIA had to perform
Releasing this report may the public attention on Gruber distract
But it will place Americans abroad and our allies under grave risk of attack
Violence and death will most likely be the result
Once again Obama fails to with his military and CIA consult
Once again he impairs the confidence of our trust worthiness with our allies
Who see us once again not leading while their operatives may now die
Names will be revealed, agents will once again be at mortal peril
From jihadists who are barbaric and completely feral.
All for one last chance for Obama to play the blame it on Bush game
Our president when it comes to voters' wishes is deaf and has no shame
© December 8, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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