Friday, December 5, 2014

Clinton Smart Power To Empathize With the Beheaders of ISIS

Hillary has just made another speech this time at Georgetown U
To an almost empty Gaston Hall warming up for her “coronation” debut
In a world where ISIS wants to Americans behead she called for us to our foes empathize
While most of our foes want to the U.S. completely without quarter demonize
Can you imagine FDR before a Congress joint session?
Calling on us to empathize with the Japanese instead of demanding a mortal lesson
How do you treat the makers of IEDs with respect?
How do you treat jihadists who slaughter civilians and the norms of humanity reject?
The new Clinton doctrine of using “smart power” is neither power nor smart
Frightening if this will be her Presidential mantra to on our foes impart
Power if at all in these words are from the unreality of the ivory tower
Our foes with words like these will be our destruction to them empower
Supposedly the university did not have to foot her 300 k normal speaking bill
Like the we were broke comment her comments make us want to laugh or be chilled
I think some students hacked into and disseminated her speech
So they stayed away because there was nothing in it worthy to teach.
What is scary is that with this smart power makes our new coronation presidential queen
Turn Obama into most blood and guts leader ever to be on the American military scene
© December 5, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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