Thursday, December 4, 2014

12/4/69 Fred Hampton Shot Dead In Bed By Cops 7/17/2014 Garner Dies From Cop Chokehold No Progress

Symbolic that on this day in 1969 Black Panther Fred Hampton was shot by Chicago police dead
Resisting arrest you wonder; no shot at close range to the head while sleeping soundly in his bed
Like Garner no indictment no charges not a day in jail
Little wonder many of color believe the system of justice has failed
Something is rotten in our criminal justice when cops are above the law
Time for local governments to correct this fatal flaw
Michael Garner’s crime of selling illegal smokes
Did not give the cops the right to his airways choke
The man may have been obese and did not with the orders comply
Still no right to kill or a reason to on that day on video die
A choke hold can kill and unless in fear of their lives should never be used
No wonder communities of color feel threatened and abused
Nine times on a video Garner complained he could not breathe
Neck compressed weight on his chest his heart quickly seized
Lost in the outrage is another ironic fact
New York taxes for cigarettes are $5.85 a pack
The product may be a health disaster and people should not smoke
But with taxes high the product goes underground for more criminals serving needs of smokers under the nicotine yoke
A pox on the grand jury that saw fit not to indict after deliberation of but one day
Now another federal civil rights investigation headed our way.
© December 4, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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