Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Landslide Majorities Want Obamacare Axed--Are You Listening Mr. President?

58  percent of Americans now wish Obamacare would be repealed
60 percent wish on the economy Obama would have shown more zeal
Schumer must have had a crystal ball or unlike Obama he listens to those that vote
As opposed to the White House hearing the cries raises the drawbridge from the moat
The voters may be stupid but Obama takes the cake for Clinton’s mantra to ignore
It’s the economy stupid which is how we will get into and through the White House door
What is ironic that the legislation that no one understood save Gruber and no one read
Is soon going to be rendered by the Supremes gravely wounded or completely dead
Leaving with this President a record of failure by not many surpassed
At least in the future from a background of a community organizer he will be the last
One should never follow lockstep the shifting responses of the polls
But ignoring the voters’ real wishes by deception finally has taken its toll
He will leave office absent a miracle by him of a complete ego and narcissism dump
Of a complete failure to achieve a smidgeon of hope and change promised on the campaign stump
Of two accomplishments, one that Osama bin Laden thanks to “torture” leads is dead
But sadly since he dropped the ball in Iraq against advice with ISIS instead
The second will be a Nobel Peace Prize not for TR or Wilson deeds only for a series of his speeches
Not supported by needed actions which we would later learn  the future would teach
More Pinocchio’s delivered with the best oratorical style yet seen period
Never ending stream of scandals and deceptions not one or two or three but myriad.
© December 10, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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