Friday, September 12, 2014

We Are Not At War With ISIL What Has Kerry Been Smoking?

From the War on Women on the Reds the Blues continually try to pin
180 degrees to a war against ISIL this Administration opts for a far different spin
This is not a war only a counter-terrorism operation says John Kerry
It seems in Obama’s heart and soul he cannot confront jihad and that is really scary
Words matter and if you are going to ask men and women to go in harm’s way
You have to give meaning to their wounds or the body bags on display
Talk to Korean War vets about the great Police Action fable
While for over two years they died by the thousands while Reds delayed at the diplomacy table
A resentment for sacrifices made in vain
American bodies and billions flushed down the drain
On one hand Obama can call this a war so he use a prior authorization against the Taliban bill
His absolute refusal to keep ground action on the table may be scathed on the Hill
But on the other which is more about his ego and his core beliefs does reveal
He does not want the military to massive force project; for him that has no appeal
Less than a battalion of forces to confront a growing force of ISIL that grows stronger each day
Like the old Abe Lincoln Brigades more Westerners answering the call to enter the fray
If this is called a war, his weak strategy will guarantee we may lose
Then no amount of rhetoric or photo ops with American voters anger soothe
The videos of the 150 or so airstrikes are a watching thrill
In the Gulf War the coalition dropped near 90,000 tons and roamed the skies at will
100,000 sorties and yet when it ended on February 17 there were a lot of Iraqi troops to kill
With one carrier carrying less than a hundred planes, an air campaign seems out of reach
Look to the failures of Rolling Thunder to see what failures history will teach
Let’s call a spade a spade and show some leadership other than the polls to watch
Otherwise this “non war” is going to be a very costly super botch
© September 12, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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