Friday, September 5, 2014

NCAA Needs To Chill After Secondary Violation For Call To Mo'ne Davis

One wonders what is going on at the NCAA
Recent news is that of complete overkill on display
Recently baseball fans one and all were drawn to a display of skill
A 13 year old girl Mo’ne Davis in the Little League World Series was the new “king” of the hill
Never before have we seen a girl in a World Series pitch a shutout
Great control, good velocity and breaking pitches to tout
Cover of Sports Illustrated and ceremonial first pitch at a Dodger game
This young girl is obviously enjoying much more than 15 minutes of fame
But like many athletes with great skills not on only one sport do they dwell
So when the UConn women’s cagers coach called, he was facing NCAA purgatory too close to sanctions Hell
Mo’ne in addition to pitching skills is also a basketball player it seems
In a post game interview she said going to UConn was one of her dreams
A two minute call to congratulate young Ms. Davis was all it took
For the NCAA to find a secondary violation in its convoluted rulings book
The girl may be the next Brittany Griner but she is not even in high school
Anyone who states today she is a prospective student athlete is a fool
If a soccer coach in Division I calls to congratulate an 8 year old will he face NCAA sanctions and fines?
In common sense terms where do you draw the regulatory line?
Now the actions of the Northwestern football team make more sense
More than about money but a need to make the NCAA less overreaching and less immense.
© September 5, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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