Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Kadyrov Threatens the ISIS Bastards on Threat to Russia

Politics may make strange bed fellows but so do terrorist attacks
Strange as it may seem ISIS may put U.S./ Russian relations back on track
The latest news is the leader of Chechnya Kadyrov over an ISIS threat to Putin is fit to be tied
If ISIS even tries to attack Russia or Putin for supporting Assad they will die
Kadyrov is not subtle only very blunt “these bastards will be destroyed”
Not managed, not contained but sent to Hell by all Chechnya force he would employ
Kadyrov looks like one serious and ruthless dude with years of fighting Islamic extremists
One person that ISIS jihadists might find it hard to beat much less resist
While Putin and Obama with a common foe in ISIS may find some common ground
In Syria with Assad, ISIS and a lot of other anti-Assad forces much more complexities abound
It is clear that to kill as opposed to manage ISIS, their havens in Syria must be taken out
If from the air we may face the Syrian air defense Russian supplied we have heard so much about
Not sure if Obama is up to the task to Assad convince to pull back and in ISIS havens a kill zone create
While we finally arm his foes somewhat short and somewhat late.
One thing seems to be certain is that Obama and his advisers on how to deal with ISIS are without a clue
Finally maybe because of the second beheading he is even being castigated by his own fellow Blues
This is Amateur Hour at its very worse with no movement to SAG in sight
A CinC cannot make a decision and will not get into the fight
While other news coming out is that ISIS wants to on 911 in honor of the day
An attack in Western Europe or the Middle East aiming to many innocents slay.
The only good news is that with its hands full with such a plan
There is not today enough time or fanatics to reach out to our lands.  
© September 3, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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