Thursday, September 18, 2014

Brendan Tevlin Killed By Jihadist Here To Avenge-Outrage From The WH?

From the mainstream media and our Blues the sounds of silence again reign
Brendan Tevlin was shot ten times in his family car by a jihadist and was slain
Like Trayvon and Michael, he was in his teens and his life was cut short too soon
By a jihadist as revenge for U.S. killings of ISIS barbaric thugs and goons
Ali Muhammed Brown, a convert to jihadist cause,
Was quickly caught and will face the full force of our laws
A just kill in Brown’s own words a life for a life
A sad tragedy of a homegrown’s barbaric way of life
Like the Hassan mass shooting, this is an act of terror much more than a random crime
As a terrorist Brown should be sent to Gitmo to rot in very short time
Where is the outrage from the media, where is Al Sharpton and protestors in the streets?
Where is the President linking Brendan to a son he did not have? Only the sounds of silence we greet
It is high time for these apologies for Islam and its Sharia base to be shed
How many more Americans in the guise of the PC left will we find dead
We, whether we like it or not, are in a war and the first three civilian crosses now exist
Still our President on the idea of forces needed to prevail completely resists
Brendan too could have been my son Ryan, a student in his college sophomore year
Hearts and prayers to Brendan’s family and a hope that a resolve to destroy these barbarians will quickly appear.
No more sounds of silence, it is time to act
Strategy Mr. President, no more knee jerk reacts.
© September 18, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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