Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Dempsey Will Urge Ground Troops If Airstrikes Only Fails To Destroy ISIS

The good news is the some of the Arab states are on ISIS getting a wake-up call
Monetary aid to ISIS from Qatar and Saudi Arabia is beginning to fall
The bad news is that ISIS controls 11 oil fields in Syria and Iraq
At least 3 million a day is a lot of funds to further their barbaric attacks
What strategy we have is with the no boots on the ground vowed totally shackled
But in addition to the airstrikes the international community needs to deliver a financial tackle
Since we do not want to destroy the fields that Iraq will ultimately need
A campaign to interdict the ISIS tankers must proceed
If the tankers from the fields we cannot detect
If we cannot turn the tankers into flaming wrecks
Time for the no boots on the ground mantra to reject
Assemble a force with armor strong enough to from the fields ISIS eject
General Dempsey appeared before a Senate committee with words he did not mince
Hearing them I am sure Obama went into full on wince
If the military advisers, air strikes and coalition forces to destroy ISIS fail
ISIS not destroyed, much less even remotely curtailed
The General indicated he would strongly urge boots on the ground
To in our national interest bring these barbarians down
4 airstrikes a day compared to 3,000 a day in the Gulf War will not an army defeat
Nor from Mosul, the oil fields or huge chunks of land in Iraq ISIS unseat
Increasing the airstrikes will be a public relations Gaza déjà vu
ISIS placing civilians in harm’s way as the scenes of dead children from bombs grew
Call it mission creep or better yet the consequences of Obama having all troops withdraw
If he does not have the stomach for this, as a leader in the world we may see our last hurrah
© September 16, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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