Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Alaska Reds and Blues Go Purple In Governor's and Lt. Governor's Race

 In the race for governor and lieutenant governor the parties are trying to merge
To create a unity platform to escape the partisanship deadly urge
May succeed  and it may not
Alaskans more creative in trying to end this partisanship rot
Alaska is truly in the forefront on this and one hopes it will spread
We need less Red and less Blue but more Purple instead
Politics should never be a career, a means to a pension and needs to special interests befriend
But almost like a vacation from the rat race of private sectors and all the stress to contend
To serve in the public interest free from the need to money like Obama always raise
Knowing that an the end of a few years back in the private sector you will bask in the public praise
If more candidates do not join in this trend
Then to escape the PACs and image of corruption they send
Let's try the idea of the ancient Greeks and by lot select
Would be cheaper and probably more qualified than the way we now elect

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