Wednesday, September 24, 2014

CA Prop 47 Swan Song For Prison Guard Union?

The Golden State’s Propositions make the elections interesting, make you want to vote
Given the almost one party Blue control, Propositions are almost always worthy of note
This fall is no different and Prop 47 heads the discussion list
Law enforcement is up in arms and wants the voters to resist
California has too many cons in its prisons for drug and nonviolent crimes
Too often prosecuted as felonies with long prison times
The prisons are way too overcrowded waiting to explode
While the bloated pensions and salaries of prison guards our fiscal well being erodes
Drug possession and nonviolent will become misdemeanors to time behind bars reduce
State and local governments would save millions as some jailers could be let loose.
Two thirds to mental health and drug rehab and one quart to k-12 schools
When it comes to recidivism, rehab rather than bars is a far better tool
Prop 47 is a great idea and the polls say it will pass in a landslide
But for the Blues this may be a Trojan Horse ride
The Correctional Officers Union gives to the Blues great sums of cash
Less prisoners, less guards, less dues, their influence should weaken and crash
Better yet dollars into rehab mean dollars into usually a nonunion shop
The unfunded pension liabilities for jailers we may be able to chop.
© September 24, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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