Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Patriotic To Protest Learning About Patriotism--Only In Jefferson County, Colorado

On one end of the spectrum of political dissent
Another beheading in Algeria we could not prevent
A French citizen had his head sawed off
While at us the radical Islamic world continues to scoff
An alphabet soup of terrorists linked by a common thread
Fail convert or leave the Muslim faith and you are dead
Push for strict and barbaric Sharia any sane person would dread
Dissent in any way from radical Islam and you’re dead
At the other end of the dissent spectrum you see students in the streets
What perceived injustice or wrongs are they trying to defeat
Racism, another black teenager killed by the cops
No it is something more insidious they wish to stop
The school board in Jefferson County wants to the history curriculum modify
To stress patriotism and citizenship ideas hundreds of students wish to defy
When a smaller percentage each year don a uniform to go in harm’s way
When will the true heroes get fed up with this display?
Why should a soldier put his or her life on the line?
When Colorado students feel patriotism is a waste of their time
We have enough jihadists around the world to want to tear the U.S. down
We do not need a bunch of students protesting like a bunch of spoiled clowns.
Millions of people rank this nation by voting with their feet
Why do these students want what little citizenship they have try to deplete?
Maybe the legal pot shops the students IDs do not card
Stoned out makes it easier for them and their teachers to patriotic values discard
© September 24, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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