Tuesday, September 2, 2014

How Many More Crucifixions and Beheadings Before Our CinC Is No Longer Missing in Action

Like most Americans the news of a video of another American being beheaded made me sick
More so that on this day in 1901 a non feckless future President warned “to speak softly but carry a big stick.”
More painfully so that just days ago a mother for her son’s life did plead
While a President either will not or cannot on ISIS lead.
Somewhere in the Middle East most likely Qatar the ISIS leader hides
We need to be convincing the Saudis, Emirates they need to come over to civilization’s side
All nations need to join in the Crusade to stop this barbaric tide
They have no right to live if the basic rules of humanity they will not abide
We used to have a military that would be able to fight a two front war
No longer as cuts to men and equipment continue to soar
If ISIS has havens in Syria, we need to with Assad have a little chat
Move your troops back and we will go after them with drones, harpoons and laser guided bats
Pound these fanatics back to the stone age where their barbarism rightfully belongs
No more dithering and lack of strategy so their barbarism will be prolonged
For the Kurds more than rifles, bullets and grenades, but mortars, anti tank rockets and artillery
And over them an air armada as far as the eye can see
No more pledges and distaste of no boots on the ground
ISIS must be in the dark wondering where is the next incoming round?
Military cuts need to come to an abrupt end
That is a feckless message to terror to send
Cut off the fanatics from their source of oil production and supply
Their funding sources will begin to die
Since like rats swimming from a sinking ship these barbarians will seek our shores
As to our porous border on the South we must close and lock that door
Poets are not warriors or generals only heralds to tragedy and success in verse extol and  record
But akin to Maliki forced out Obama needs to reach out abroad and here to release he needs to lead—ISIS will not go away of its own accord
© September 2, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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