Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Kurds Facing Massacre At Korbani, Syria

ISIS may have feudal thoughts but their building modular refineries is pretty slick
300 to 500 barrels per refinery per day being bombed and droned by us is a start but will not do the trick
Kurds a begging for help as ISIS now the town of Korbani surrounds
Kurds fighting desperately but against tanks and artillery hard to hold one’s ground
400,000 residents and refugees are at massacre risk
Water and power to the city no longer exist
If Obama were a student of history which he is obviously not
He would know air strikes alone will not stop this onslaught
Look only back to Korea where we controlled the sky and bombed the invaders during the day
The North moved during the night and our air forces could not hold them at bay
In Desert Storm we flew over 100,000 sorties and dropped 88,500 tons
Yet many soldiers and tanks were left not until the ground war commenced was it won
As of today just a little over 200 sorties flown mere pricks
No way will that amount of air degrade and destroy these barbarians making humanity sick
Obama has set us up for failure with the blood of thousands of civilians on his hands
Not again another military and humanitarian disaster from a 30 plus jihadist band
Where are the tanks and artillery for the Kurds?
To think ISIS will give us a year to train the Syrian moderates is absurd
5,000 former accountants and tradesman against 30 plus thousand not afraid to die
Is a pipedream that the cold hard facts of reason and history will deny
As the civilian body count and beheadings rise, our President will soon have no choices
He will have to listen to his military voices
Sooner than later one would have to hope
While there are still some Kurds left to rearm and with ISIS cope
© September 24, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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