Friday, September 12, 2014

Compare Hitler to Bush In D.C Public School Sixth Grade--You Have To Be Kidding

If the D.C. School District has tenure for its teachers while its performance goes down the drain
It needs to read the decision in Vegara to see why in the public schools it may be a student’s chances bane
How could anyone of any intellect or partially reasoning mind to his students in the 6th grade
Who from my own parenting experience would know nothing about the Great Crusade
Unless of course it were in the form of a GI Joe video game
Would assign a task to Bush and Hitler compare is worthy only of disdain
Hitler’s orders led to the Holocaust where 6 Million Jews died
Probably over 5 million Russian POWs from food denied
Hitler was evil; his megalomania put the world into flames
The only comparison might be England and France did not then try to him tame
While Bush right or wrong on the WMDs moved to overthrow Saddam Hussein
Moved in the light of 911 to wage a war on terror which was largely won
Until the current CinC’s reluctance to leave troops meant our troubles have now again begun
What is disturbing is what gives these teachers who probably could not find another job
The rights to attempt to mold their minds and their ability to think rationally rob?
Sadly this excess seems to be a continuing liberal left wing trend
If protected by tenure at the elementary schools it will never end
© September 12, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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