Thursday, September 18, 2014

Judge Fuller Time For You To Go Judges Do Not Batter Their Wives

Why is it that so often married men cannot control the urgings of their reptilian brain?
To cheat on a wife for the arms of a law clerk to cause a marriage to go down the drain
Can hardly wait to see the harassment suit by the clerk against this judge filed
A tryst to put at risk all the goods and memories and family since his walk down the aisle
Federal District Court Judge Fuller was arrested last month on a domestic violence battery charge
With the aid of a diversion program he is not in jail and remains at large
His cases were all to other judges reassigned
But the judge taking down 200k a year refuses to resign
To escape jail time he is now in a program of counseling and rehab for alcohol abuse
Maybe the program will be successful, maybe not to curtail his anger let loose
A growing clamor for His Dishonor to cast off his robe and from the bench leave
Judges are supposed to be held to a higher standard; how could we in his honor believe?
The NFL whose players in the past have been held to no standards other than to tackle and block
Finally on the issue of domestic violence the NFL is forcefully and finally taking stock
You hit a spouse or girlfriend and the heavy hand of suspension will quickly fall
Judge Fuller hanging on to his bench should leave us all appalled
The Republican Senators of Alabama are demanding he resign
If he fails, the House should impeach in a very short period of time.
© September 18, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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