Tuesday, September 16, 2014

3000 Boots to Africa to Fight Ebola--No Boots on Ground Against ISIL

There are now two potential great threats to the security of this globe
The U.S. response to both makes for an interesting probe
The first is of course with all the gruesome videos the threat of ISIL
With its beheadings, killings of Christians and prisoners a form of pure evil
The second now slowly gaining traction on the world’s stage
Is the Ebola virus now on an expanding rampage
No President likes to put American forces in harm’s way
A decision to do so is met with a desire to reconsider or delay
In the first Obama has been like a record stuck
No boots on the ground even if needed to ISIL destruct
As to the second Obama may be sending 3,000 to Africa’s shores
To fight a virus that kills 90 percent or more
Ebola is a serious threat; it would be the perfect weapon against us here
With its gestation period martyrs could be infected and then come near
No warning, no symptoms until the martyr was at Paradise’s gates
Spreading fluids we would have cases that would spread and not abate
Both are threats but why our President needs to make a distinction logic defies
Facing ISIL our boots would have a small chance to be wounded or die
Facing Ebola infection our boots if infected time for their coffin to measure
To their and their families’ great and sorrowful displeasure
© September 16, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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