Tuesday, July 24, 2018

US Considers Moving Troops to Poland RINO Calls Trump Unfit

The world remains a dangerous place
All signs of another the Eagle and the Bear arms race
With NATO dragged kicked and screaming to increase its defense spending pace
With the Baltic nations fearful of a territory grabbing Putin to face
The U.S. has announced that it is considering plans to move 1000 troops plus 80 tanks into Poland to symbolically bolster
A symbolic trip wire to encourage Putin to keep his firearms on the border holstered
Déjà vu of 10,000 troops behind Checkpoint Charlie in Berlin
Another tripwire facing a battle they could not win
Scary times, time for cooler heads
A miscalculation that would leave millions dead
Putin must be watching the drama in the Swamp with the Blues rants
60 plus House members in a Conga line doing the Impeachment Chant
While another misguided RINO claims Trump as a president is not fit
Christine Todd Whitman in a post Putin press conference misguided snit
After years of being soft on defense and paring defense spending to the bone
The Blues seeming to be in a head first rush to the hawkish zone
Moving troops much closer to Putin’s home
May allow the dogs of war to be unleashed and across the borders roam
Trump is not a puppet of Putin regardless of the Swamp rhetoric that so reflects
Time for cooler heads to prevail and war so easy to escalate to nukes to reject.
© July 24, 2018 Michael P. Ridley

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