Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Anti-Trump Stand Of NY Daily News Nail In Coffin?

New York Daily News may on its last legs as it reduces its staff
Not a minor reduction but a cut by half
Across the country newspapers are having a rough time as circulation and ad revenues drops
As on line revenues soar as more and more buyers use their computers and phones to shop
On line advertising targeting and slicing and dicing buyers is on the rise
Do not be taken aback if more newspapers face demise
Even in New York City there are thousands of  deplorables who resent
The the vicious front pages, cartoons and editorials mocking our president
The New York Daily News has published cover pages that are journalistic dregs
Deplorables don’t want to read about Trump being mocked— why the paper is on its last legs
Like Trump  holding bare chested  Putin’s hand
While pointing a gun at Uncle Sam
Or portraying him as a clown
Trying to tear our values down
Trump as a clown with title Dawn of the Brain Dead
Certainly not the way to attract subscribers from the Reds
Here is a  New York Daily News link
To anti-Trump front cover ink
© July 22, 2018 Michael P. Ridley

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