Sunday, July 8, 2018

Pompeo the "Gangster" Hit By Kim with Tough Talk

North Korea has proven time and time again
The issue is not when they lie or cheat only when
For a country that pledged in Singapore to end its nukes
Why do satellites show that Kim’s pledge is a total fluke
Uranium enrichment plants are not being dismantled but expanded
Hope this is not proof positive Kim will never consent to his nukes being banned
With thousands of artillery pieces and rockets on Seoul’s front door
South Korea must have little or no support for a preemptive war
The sanction deck may have too few cards left to play
Especially if China and Russia flaunt the UN and send goods North Korea’s way
We went to war the second time in Iraq under the mistaken belief
That Hussein had deliverable WMD’s that would put the Middle East in a world of grief
If we believe that Kim is unstable and would not hesitate to launch a first against us or our allies
And we could not launch a conventional war because of the high casualty tally
Would we have the stomach to nuke his nuke facilities and his missile sites and facilities?
To send nuclear fallout headed toward Chinese and Russian towns and cities?
A true unattractive and dangerous Hobsen’s choice
Solutions not helped by the stream of divisive voices
Perhaps the solution might be on the lines of JFK pulling Redstones out of Turkey
As the quid pro for the Russian missiles in Cuba to be crated and to back to the Soviet Union flee
Get serious about China forcing North Korea to its nukes disarm
Allow the Chinese control over the disputed islands being built in South Sea lowering our sense of alarm
Tough tightrope for Pompeo to walk
Not helped by the likes of Waters with her impeachment talk
© July 8, 2018 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet   

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