Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Proposed Consent Decree Handcuff CPD?

The thin Blue Line of the CPD may be getting thinner
As the Illinois AG’s office is getting ready to hit them with a consent degree that impairs their efforts to be winners
Chicago is a very dangerous place where battles to sell drugs rule the streets
Where safety of people of color from others of color is in full retreat
1528 people have been shot of whom 244 have taken their final breath
Casualties of criminals trying to corner the market for heroin and crystal meth
Heavy restriction on when an officer may point a gun at a person followed by detailed report
Awash in paperwork taken off the streets little wonder why the war on crime may come up short
Police work is a difficult and dangerous work
Lives on the line when someone goes berserk
No one wants an unarmed civilian to ever be wounded or die
Just because he or she did not without hesitation police orders comply
The police union is up in arms
If police are going to be put at greater risk yet being disarmed
Why run to the sound of guns, robbery or assault
Why not stand down like the deputies in Parkland even if at fault

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