Monday, July 23, 2018

Revoke Troika's Security Clearaances

John Brennan is an over the top Trump hater
Made a fool of himself with accusation of Trump being a traitor
James Clapper a pathetic liar to the American public as number one wire tapper
His Trump Derangement Syndrome should be flushed down the crapper
Comey is on the campaign trail to the voters urge
Never mind the policy positions vote to Reds purge
These men in addition to bias against Trump share a common trait
They all still have security clearances though revocation may soon be their fate
Why these foes of Trump still have access to material classified
That could be used to attack the president is logic defied
Trump should move immediately to their clearances revoke
Just actions against the troika that the flames of Trump hatred stoke
Clapper moans that the action would be petty
His Trump Derangement Syndrome causing him to be falsely fretty
What the troika does not get is that death is the penalty for treason
Dog whistles blowing for violence by the left against him instead of reason
If penalty for treason is death then our president should die
Too many sick leftists out there that believe his death would be justified
Revoke their clearances so they on Trump have nothing to contribute we would want to hear
Another step needed to make the over the top rhetoric tone down or better yet disappear
While revoking order the FBI to unredact
So we can see the truth on the government’s anti Trump attack
© July 23, 2018 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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