Monday, July 30, 2018

California Maternity Deaths On A Steep Decline

During the War in Vietnam the cry was often heard
This war is a lost cause the chances of winning absurd
Why not declare victory and leave
No more flag draped coffins with family members to grieve
In the 50’s another war was being waged
A concerted effort to maternity deaths engage
Modern medicine managed to reduce deaths to one in 1,000 births
The battle had been won, modern medicine had proved its worth
Then in the 60’s the battle lines and focus shifted to the fetus in the womb
Prenatal care, ultra sound, prenatal operations anything to save the fetus the doctors could assume
Lost in the shuffle maternal mortality began to rise
Soon we had again the highest rate in the developed world of maternal child birth demise
Finally California a state which records one eighth of U.S. births each year
Declared war, assembled teams of doctors, nurses and health professionals to on the battle lines appear
Hard to believe that a state in which the quality of life is in the dumps
Could the risk of maternal death slowly but surely begin to trump
The answer fortunately for women was a resounding yes
Focus on maternal care and maternal deaths are 55 percent less
Great strides to reduce the risk of a child growing up without a mom
Thanks to dedicated teams working at birth with great aplomb
© July 30, 2018 Michael P. Ridley the Alaskanpoet  a

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