Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Assistant Manager at Academy Sports Fired For Stopping Robbery

We know that we live in a society that loves to sue at the drop of a hat
In Tallahassee at Academy Sports we saw a classic example of that
Jason White had asked to look at a pistol and with it tried to flee
“Stop that man” was shouted by another employee
Dean Crouch, an assistant manager, stopped White in his tracks
To hold until the police could come and cuff him with his hands in back
News did not indicate why White tried to grab the gun and run
A good guess might be that he was a felon and his chance of passing a background test was none
Crouch should be a hero to have prevented another gun making its way to the streets
Where an unsuspecting defenseless  victim of criminal activity it would meet
Guess again as that hero accolade would not exist due to a store decree
Employees cannot lay hands on a shopper even if a thief trying to flee
Crouch was suspended, then fired, had to put his home up for sale
Why the policy that has resulted in this sad and tragic tale?
Was if for the concern that an employee might be hurt
In a shoplifting incident trying to avert?
Perhaps but I think it would be a better guess
A likely lawsuit by an alleged thief the store wanted to suppress  
At the drop of a hat and with a wife and two small kids out of a job
All for stepping up an stopping a thief who was trying to rob
© July 11, 2018 Michael P. Ridley

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