Sunday, July 1, 2018

4th of July at the Beach

It’s the Fourth of July, time to break out the barbecue and ice chests
If in a beach city like Newport Beach or Huntington Beach fearing arrest
Streets are clogged, patios filled with drinking two legged sardines
Chugging cool ones or strolling by looking at the thong dressed scene
Massive police presence, streets blocked, traffic at a slow crawl
Youth on the move, on the companionship trawl
Beach residents almost under house arrest
No problem as long as enough beer to fill the ice chests
In this all out party to the max
Wonder how many celebrants have a chance to ponder as into the cooler another six pack
Of the incredible gamble the founding fathers took
To pull the tail of the English lion to face hanging as crooks
To declare independence from the English lords
Facing hanging as their reward
The most powerful fleet of ships of the line
An army with combat skills so well refined
But pull they did. at places like Saratoga and Trenton, again and again
Until for the English it became a question of not if but rather when
No wonder at Yorktown when Cornwallis surrendered boxed in by the French fleet
The band played “The world turned upside down” to commemorate his humiliating defeat
Brave men and women who for five years bitter hardships endured
Sacrifices at Valley Forge to survival of the army insure
Cheer “Go USA” and salute and wave the flag on our birthday
But so in a way to honor the sacrifices of those who fought to make sure this celebration came into play
© Michael P. Ridley the Alaskanpoet 

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