Sunday, July 22, 2018

Tsarist Ship Sunk in 1905 May Be Full of Gold

Putin back in Russia must be sky high
Trump on the issue of meddling the findings of his intel he denied
In Russia Putin’s standing is going through the roof
While Trump is being lashed by Reds, Blues and MSM with strong reproofs
Putin is also the benefactor of good news on the Demtri Deskoi
A Tarist warship of the Baltic to the Pacific in 1905 being deployed
After being attacked  by a Japanese attack it was scuttled to Davey Jones Locker
Here is the news that makes this find such a shocker
Found by a salvage company it was to be carrying more than just shells
To arm the guns to send the Japanese warships to a watery hell
It was also believed to be carry billions of gold
As precious cargo to line the ship’s hold
With a failing economy and shrinking population this gold must be like manna from above
A kick start to Russia would be this treasure trove
Slight problem is that the ship may have been found too close to South Korea’s coast
If so after paying the salvage company a finder’s fee, Russia’s claim will be toast
Finders keepers,
Losers weepers
Easy come easy go
Discovery will not billions on Putin bestow
© July 22, 2018 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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