Monday, July 9, 2018

Sky Is Falling Reaction By Blues To Kavanaugh

The announcement of Kavanaugh is a little more than two hours old
Already the left is in the streets with the sky is falling end of the republic slant being told
Feinstein so typical of the scare tactics with the charge of outside the mainstream
On health care, executive power, privacy and gun safety the left playbook of demonizing an opponent as extreme
On one hand we have a nominee who adheres to being objective, supporting the Constitution and having an open mind
On the other we have Blue Senators prejudging without an analysis of his years of opinions and on the need to protect the Constitution blind
This will be ugly with Blue Senators falling over each other in out Borking Bork attempts
Such disregard for the process of advise and consent Americans should hold them in contempt
A Senator has two mantras to guide him or her—raise money for the campaign and keep his seat
Yet Durbin is calling on Trump state Senators to vote no and increase the risk of going down in defeat
Sadly, the nomination may be in the hands of two Reds
Senators Murkowski and Collins hold the keys to insure the nomination goes ahead
Any feeling that Kavanaugh would not uphold Roe v. Wade and the nomination is dead
Two defections and Pence would not be able to cast the deciding vote
Trump has run out of chips to offer to keep them both in the affirmative boat
Great drama with the Blues going all in
Muddying the waters with their deceiving doomsday spins  
© July 9, 2018 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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