Monday, July 20, 2015

Where Is Obama's Pen When We Really Need It

When it comes to guns, Obama has a one track mind
By executive order, by inaction or hook or by crook a drive to leave the 2nd behind
That vaunted pen when it comes to arming our soldiers must be out of ink
His policy of not arming recruiters in a word stinks!
In uniform, unarmed, bulleyes literally painted  on their chests
With all the ISIS internet chatter during Ramadan that certain attacks would suggest
Five more Americans are now dead and their commander in chief
Seems unable to express sympathy, compassion, outrage or even grief
Only a fool comes to a gunfight armed with only a knife
Only an idiot comes to a gunfight unarmed to experience his loss of life
This is a Clinton executive order that Obama could reverse today with a stroke of his pen
May not completely end the slaughter but would reduce the odds of this happening again
Several states like Texas and Florida are arming their National Guard recruiters
No more gun free zones to attract the radical Islamic shooters
While our military is at home exposed, Obama’s pen is on the prowl to disarm a new group
Even more helpless than our unarmed troops
If you receive Social Security disability, Obama is proposing that a choice you must make
If you want to receive benefits then any guns you own the government must take
No one would argue that the mentally ill should be able to be armed as most states have laws to prevent such arming from coming about
But knowing that fed regs expand faster than a forest fire driven by Santa Ana winds during a prolonged severe drought
Likewise the definition of disability will expand in an effort by this administration to the number of firearms to shrink
Another example of this administration and the Second Amendment being completely out of sync.
© July 20, 2015 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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