Wednesday, July 29, 2015

18 Minutes Erased 2 Months Missing Emails

A gap of only 18 minutes on the Nixon Tapes
Put Nixon under a cloud of impeachment that he could not escape
Knowing he would be found guilty when impeached
He appeared before the nation on TV with a resignation speech
Ironic that Hillary as a young lawyer worked on the Watergate Hearing staff
Who is viewed as dishonest by more each day and about as likeable as an infection of staph
Cannot escape the scandal of her private email server and a two month missing email gap
Her credibility thread on her justification for it is about to fray and snap
No emails during May and June as Libya was starting to explode
Attacks on our embassy and a British convoy moving down a road  
Yet so far not a single electronic note
The possibility that she was not communicating with her staff is completely remote
More so than ever we need to have the server turned over which she continues to refuse
She is hiding the truth for if released she knows in November she will lose
Fortunately, Linda Tripp has broken her silence and given us another glimpse as to the workings of her mind
And why as to her coronation, we must respectfully and forcefully decline
Sadly the chances of this DOJ prosecuting for illegal release of classified information are slim
Unless Obama who does not like her decides he does not want her to win.
© July 29, 2015 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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