Monday, July 13, 2015

Passing On The Left Goes Hillary

In the world of marathon races
The early leader is called a rabbit to set a blistering pace
In politics it’s a rabbit warren to give the Blues a much more leftist big government face
Hillary today announces the centrist views of her husband she will erase
Declares war on Wall Street and vows profits to share and redistribute
Talk about biting the hand that has fed her in a stinging rebuke
The EPA will sit idly back and the death of a new endangered species will quickly ensue
Bring out the common, unmarked graves for any moderate or conservative Blues
Maybe the Indies might at least receive a request for this move to the left to come on board
While Hillary condemns the banks, Wall Street and the wealthy to fall on their sword
Nothing like contributing millions to her foundation and prior campaigns
Only to see her in a New York second jump aboard the progressive express train
Trump expressed the anger people feel
Talking about him and Reds go off message, increase the chances having to endure another four more Obama like years ordeal
Hillary has more scandal and paranoia baggage than royalty on a round the world cruise
But this is an election of such importance this nation cannot loose
Marx once said that the last capitalist will the rope we use to hang him to us sell
Time for any urge to attack fellow Reds the candidates must repel
More so than anything the Reds need a consistent voice on the security and economic growth their policies will bring
Hillary’s big government represents the snows of an American winter not the prosperity buds of a new American spring
© July 13, 2015 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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