Monday, July 13, 2015

Take the Shovels Away from the PC Gravediggers

Nathan Bedford Forrest was born on this day in 1821
And like many he fought for the South when the Civil War had begun
On this day in 1863 in the Big Apple riots broke out for days
For the first time in our history conscription was put on display
120 people were killed, 2000 wounded, buildings burned and white mobs attacked blacks
If the Civil War was solely being waged to free the slaves that idea in New York was off the tracks
One hundred and fifty two years later despite the warnings of the Kerner Report
The racial divide is still there with great progress but the full healing comes up short
Growing up in Alaska, I was taught never to insult a person’s creed, color or political view
As long as on a fishing boat he would do his part to hold up his end of the demands of captain and crew
But I also learned that we are humans not crabs or lobsters that to grow must molt
A hyper thin and porous skin is not a virtue but the sign of a PC dolt
I was a KA, a fraternity whose spiritual leader in 1923 was designated Robert E. Lee
It took my chapter over hundred years to admit blacks and orientals defying a national decree
We seceded from the Greek System one day of each year and celebrated a Southern Ball
Knew the words to Dixie but no Reb Battle Flags on my wall
Today after Charleston the removal of the Confederate Battle Flag from the Capitol grounds
Given the terror of the KKK and lynchings in earlier years seems sound
It may be Southern Heritage and Southern Pride
But its removal may go to reduce our potential racial divide
Hopefully the flag at a NASCAR race
Will not be viewed as a PC demand to the 1st Amendment to replace
But the news that the body of Nathan Bedford Forrest was to be exhumed from a Memphis park
Is the kind of PC hysteria from which we should quickly depart
Over 400  Johnny Rebs are buried underneath Arlington’s cemetery grass
Like Terracotta soldiers do we remove them to join Forrest to erase our Civil War past?
Our past is what has occurred and unless living in Pravda land we cannot replace the tapes
But we can learn from our progress and strive to not commit further  racial mistakes
© July 13, 2015 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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