Friday, July 31, 2015

Killing of Cecil and the Sale of Fetal Body Parts

It the best of times and the worst of times
Sounds like the beginning of The Tale of Two Cities Line
But used here the metaphor is about public reaction
Of two tragedies now getting media traction
One involves a huge majestic lion from his sanctuary lured
To at the hands of a dentist out 50 grand his death insured
And since as neighbors to Cecil there was another pride
His six cubs were also sentenced to a certain death ride
Fortunately the outcry was instant, prolonged, angry with death threats forcing the dentist to hide
The media focus increasing faster than a Bay of Fundy incoming tide
The other involves hundreds of thousands of deaths
And videos so shocking and gruesome they will take away your breath
Planned Parenthood is for many fetuses their last stop, the on the tracks of life the last station
Its abortion factories perform over 40 percent of the abortions in this nation
But sadly e the media gave little to the story, gave it little attention
On the back pages off the air but save for Fox only a passing brief mention
But we now know that Planned Parenthood caught on tapes is in the business of selling fetal parts
How far can we allow this nation to any claim on bioethics and humanity depart?
As these medical directors over haggling prices feast on fine wine and brie
Worse to the tune of $500 million yearly our tax dollars are financing their killing spree
One shows a doctor telling how to conspire so  the sales can be concealed
To describe not as sales but as part of ongoing research deals
Selling fetal body parts is a federal crime
The doctors on the tapes released and to be released should serve time
Along with the head executives of Planned Parenthood
As to this conspiracy there is no way they could have not known or misunderstood
The Reds have introduced bills to end the $500 million payments and to women’s health clinics transfer
Medicine should be about not death but healing and finding cures
Any Blue Senator or Congressman who opposes, all men and women of conscience should take note
And come out in droves in November and against them especially Kamala Harris investigating CMP vote
© July 31, 2015 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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